research / fellowship for PAX – part of the Jerusalem project

Working at the Education Office at the VU University in Amsterdam

JUNE 2014
Finished my Master in International Relations, Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.

My Master thesis titled ‘A Story Without End: Collective Memory and Identity Construction Among Young Palestinians in Nablus‘ studies the connection between trans-generational memories of the Palestinian struggle and identity construction among young Palestinians in the West Bank. Memories of the 1948 Nakba, the first Intifada and other events are transferred through oral narratives from generation to generation. Particularly among Palestinians with a refugee-background these traditions remain important. Collective narratives function as a link to the past and are actively framing the present as the youngsters are confronted with the challenges of the occupation on a daily basis. The process by which young Palestinians induce collective memories into their personal narrative is predicated on relevance or the connection to their own experiences and background. These young Palestinians proof to be active agents in transforming the collective narrative while they both claim and reject categorizations and identities propagated in the collective narrative.

You can read and download my thesis here. Note that this document is protected under copyright. The use of this thesis contrary to general use requires advance permission.

2013 Pre-Master International Relations (UvA)
2012 Bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology (UvA)
– Main focus on the Middle East, with specializations in identity politics, nationalism,
ideology, discourse, urban anthropology and religion.